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Become a WSKL certified judge

At WSKL, we are determined to make your tournament experience positive and enjoyable. So that all martial artists, no matter what their style, are treated fairly and consistently, we have put in place judge's certification and training. 

How to get certified

​To get certified, simply click the button below to take the test and pay for the certification.
All judges must be certified to judge and be paid for the 2024 season.

* After you have certified, be sure to sign up for each tournament here. (signup will only be done through website starting 2024 season)

Certified Judge BENEFITS

Certified judges will receive one WSKL Official Polo/year.

Only certified Judges will be allowed to officiate at WSKL Tournaments.

The WSKL is the ONLY League in Sport Karate to Pay our Judges:
1. Center Judges = $75/day + Free Meal ticket.
2. Corner Judges = $50 + Free Me
al Ticket. (no competing)

3. Corner Judges that compete will receive $25/ day (must meet requirements)

Judges dress code
  1. Black Pants (no holes/rips)
  2. WSKL Polo (no other logos)
  3. Shoes (no sandals)
  4. Hats - only WSKL logo
  5. WSKL jackets/hoodies only
  6. Need more apparel: shop here
Pro Shop Link!

Upcoming Training

In an effort to create better judges, and better events, we are creating additional training opportunities.  Higher certifications means we can pay our judges more, and our competitors get a better event. 
More info to come.

Register to Judge

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Tournaments you are able to judge:

Thanks for signing up!

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